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Cen-Pe-Co offers a wide range of paraffin based specialty oils that can greatly improve the performance and durability of your engine. Cen-Pe-Co has been providing its customers with superior lubricants since 1911.

Family Owned

Central Petroleum Company

"The World's Best Heavy-Duty Lubricants"

At Cen-Pe-Co, our range of products is as diverse as our customer base.
Some of our main products include:

Cen-Pe-Co products available for order. We also offer a wide range of other products including: specialty lubricants, penetrating oils, and agricultural surfactants.

To learn more about Cen-Pe-Co lubricants and products, visit our products page, or find out why Cen-Pe-Co lubricants are right for you.

Cen-Pe-Co Super Racing Oil
Cen-Pe-Co products are not sold in stores.

Please call out sales team at

1-800-553-1891 to place an order or for information on which Cen-Pe-Co product is right for you.

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